Nag, the wgtn2040 version

The wgtn2040 project is open.

A little lumpy at first and a bit of a wobbly start last weekend, but by mid-week now most of the operational errors and quirks have been ironed out, the Nag tandem the Wellington City Council commissioned has stopped throwing it’s chain and blowing expensive lightbulbs (Not so very Eco), the final final final version of my text for all the projects has been approved by the council and printed, and none of the spelling mistakes are mine, and the only problem is fighting this dickensian weather howling through the city.

The mayor of Wellington, Celia Wade Brown, a keen cyclist herself, came down and gave the bike it’s inaugural ride to lunch the 2040 project.

So Nag is into it’s third incarnation, and if you’re around dixon street over the next month, day or night, you can come ride…

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